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Organic Pesticide Spray

A platform for wealth creation for Project Investors

Instead of just buying a piece of land and holding it for a prolong period of time to appreciate in value, you can embark on a farming project and create additional income streams.

Who is considered as a Project Investor?


Anyone owning land wishing to embark on a farming project 


Individuals leasing sizeable land to carry out farming activities

Project Financer

Any person willing to fund another party's farming project

Making money through farming


Farming cash crops


- Cash crop: Potatoes

- Farming method: Organic

- Area used: 1 Ha

- Yield: 15 tonnes

- Retail price: $7/kg


Farming fruits


- Fruit type: Apples

- Farming method: Organic

- Area used: 1 Ha

- Yield: 20 tonnes

- Retail price: $10/kg


Property leasing


- Area Leased: 1 Ha

- Rent Price: $300/month

Disclaimer: Examples highlighted are for illustration purposes only based on retail prices in the UAE and other sources online. Please conduct your own research related to the market where you will be running your farming business.
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